Monday, October 26, 2009


If you are like me then you love playing your guitar. Whether it's jamming alone, playing with your band, or just picking up your guitar for 5 minutes to get that tune out of your head, the guitar is your way to relax, express yourself and have some fun.

The more you play your guitar, the more you realize that there is so much more to learn about it. That is why I started this blog.

If you are a guitar player and have thoughts, opinions, questions or answers about playing guitar that you would like to share, please post your thoughts on this blog. Equipment, amps, pedals, accessories, playing technique, tone ... "all things guitar" are welcome here.

I would love to get input from people who play professionally. My goal is to have stimulating conversation about playing guitar that everyone can benefit from.

Suggestions for improving this blog are also welcome. Thanks for visiting our blog.



  1. Does anybody have a favorite chord that they like to work off? One of mine is the 13 flat 5 flat 9 played in any key. I found this chord in a book and I just like the way it sounds. It has a sassy sound that you can work off of. In the key of G, it would be called the D13 flat 5 flat 9 and the notes would be G (3rd fret - 6th string),D (5th fret - 5th string), B (4th fret - 3rd string), F (6th fret - 2nd string) and B flat (6th fret - 1st string). It works great as a jazz, rock or blues chord and is easy to improvize lead notes within that structure. Check it out. Let us know how you like it. Also let us know if you have a favorite chord and why you like it.

  2. I would love to hear from other guitar players about their playing routine. What is your approach to practicing and learning?

  3. On an esoteric level, if you could be a chord, which chord would you be and why?

  4. Axe-FX
    Has anyone had any experience with this equipment? How would you rate it and why?

  5. The next time you are in the mood for buying a Les Paul, go to and look at the AL 3000,3100 or 3200 and save your self 2 or 3 grand. ALs are built just as well if not better and have a similar tone.